Building a High-Performing Team

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When it comes to recruiting and retaining the best talent, demonstrating that your organization believes in having high-performing teams with the physical and cultural attributes necessary to keep people happy, thriving, and putting forth their best work is critical.

What to Look for When Seeking Out Talent

When it comes to attracting the brightest talent, we consistently rely too much on industry experience as the key indication that an individual is suited for a particular role, rather than considering his or her ability to solve problems.

As stated in a recent Forbes article, vice chairman and former CMO of GE Beth Comstock speaks to how her hiring criteria has changed: “‘I’m trying to hire more people who have a “figure-it-out” skillset… who have a tolerance for ambiguity.’”

That’s exactly what is needed nowadays as companies look to hire the best talent and build high-performing teams.

So what does a high-performing team look like?

Attributes of a High-Performing Team

Here are some of the attributes of a high-performing team.

Physically, high-performing teams have two things in common: they are roughly small in size (four to twelve people is ideal), and they are filled with individuals who offer diverse perspectives. This can be achieved by encouraging and engaging in healthy conflict.

Culturally, high-performing teams have two things in common: they are adaptable to an ever-changing landscape, ready and eager to always be learning. They also have a strong and enduring set of values that they hold onto, including equality, openness, and acceptance.

The Long-Term ROI

According to a recent O.C. Tanner study on workplace culture, 1 in 5 employees say they do not do their best work because no one else in the organization does, and only 43 percent of employees think their organization rewards high-performing employees.

The takeaway?

Celebrate your employees by recognizing a job well done, and watch as your productivity increases.

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