Axis41 Is Presenting at the Virtual Analytics Summit 2016

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Join Axis41’s own Danielle Ackles and Scott Cannon with other top analytics professionals as we present key insights at the ObservePoint virtual Analytics Summit on November 17, 2016, for an audience of over 5,000 industry professionals. Get web analytics and digital marketing tips in a series of rapid-fire online presentations during the free, virtual event. Sign up for the Analytics Summit to reserve your spot at our session.

Danielle Ackles, Director of Analytics, and Scott Cannon, Lead Analytics Developer, are trusted consultants and partners to top brands like Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, and Cisco, and will be presenting on the topic “Why You Need to Invest in the Discovery Phase of Analytics” so you don’t start your analytics implementation on the wrong foot.

Their presentation will emphasize the value of performing comprehensive, actionable discovery before implementing an analytics solution. Explore some of the marketing, operational, and technical considerations that companies should have answers to before proceeding with or agreeing to an implementation.

Essential discovery considerations before implementing analytics

•Stakeholder buy-in

•Clear scope and charter

•Overall governance model

•Software compatibility

•Project dependencies

•Business goals

Know how strong, actionable analytics is the most powerful way to get the most out of your investments, make smart data-driven decisions, and deliver better experiences for your customers.

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