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Topics: Adobe Experience Manager, Web Development

Does your technical team need a destination for managing and maintaining websites that use Adobe Experience Manager (formerly CQ)? Well Axis41 has delivered the goods with the launch of its new technical blog, Adobe Experience Manager Podcast.

Through blog posts, podcasts, screenshots, videos and narrated screencasts, this blog will prove to be an invaluable resource for anyone who works with Adobe Experience Manager. Week after week, our AEM developers will deliver authoring tips, development workarounds, server tweaks and more that will help you leverage AEM to its full potential. And, if you are interested in more information on a specific topic or have suggestions for a future podcast, you can drop us a line at

A few of the most recent posts are Connecting the Salesforce Cloud Service in AEM to Export Leads, Sling Request Suffixes Explained, Learning How to Use ExtJS Widgets, Remote Debugging AEM Projects Using IntelliJ or Netbeans, Adobe CQ5 Integration with Test&Target (now Adobe Target), and Why Client Libraries are Useful in CQ.

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