Enhancing the Adobe Experience Manager Author Experience

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Today’s consumers want to engage with fresh, fast, and interesting content instantly. To stay relevant, businesses must implement a Content Management System with the flexibility and scalability to meet today’s evolving digital landscape. Adobe Experience Manager empowers authors to take ownership of content creation and publishing activities—which enables them to create and update content faster, while putting less burden on the IT department.

Adobe Experience Manager Authoring with Axis41

To maximize the effectiveness of AEM outline the implementation process ahead of time.

As the importance of content continues to grow, authoring is becoming a critical part of every business. However, most content management systems’ primary focus is on developing website tools as fast as possible rather than considering the countless hours authors spend using the system day in and day out. Here at Axis41, we know how important the authors are in helping businesses stay relevant in their industry and engaging with audiences on a more personal level.

When it comes to implementing Adobe Experience Manager, we don’t just give authors an out-of-the-box content management solution; rather, our experts sit down with potential users to determine their authoring vision. From there, the Axis41 Adobe Experience Manager team creates a customized, scalable AEM architecture, helping bring that vision to life.

Axis41 has created four simple recommendations to a functional, seamless authoring experience for your Adobe Experience Manager Sites implementation:

1. Identify an Authoring Advocate

When identifying an Author Advocate, select someone with a clear understanding of all levels of authorship including their duties, tasks, and concerns. This person will be responsible for addressing author concerns and should have their best interest in mind. With this voice, the functionalities of AEM help fulfill authoring needs comprehensively and successfully.

2. Provide authoring demos

During the development process, the authoring demos provide early insights into how authoring will take place. Demos help address concerns and pitfalls early on in the process to ensure that the tools developed meet the authors’ needs, rather than getting to the end of the project and having to completely redo everything.

3. In-context helps

Authors are going to have questions on how to use the AEM components, and aside from a one-time training, there isn’t much for them to draw upon to get that help. Building in-context help features within the components authors work in will give them confidence when using the system—because the sooner they’re comfortable with the platform, the faster they can start creating engaging content.

4. Create enhanced templating

Enhanced templates are page templates, created by AEM developers, with draggable or embedded components already on the page. These templates give authors a jumpstart on the authoring process and enable them to execute on their ideas more quickly.

To have a successful implementation, you need to consider the authoring experience. These recommendations, combined with our innovative implementation process, help authors create and distribute fresh content faster and more effectively—enabling your business to deliver relevant and up-to-date information across various audience segments. Thanks to Adobe Experience Manager Sites, you have the ability to optimize the authoring process to best meet your organization’s needs.

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