Axis41 Presents at Adobe Summit 2015

Stanford Health Care - Healing through science, compassion, and a patient-centric website

Topics: Adobe Experience Manager

Axis41 had the opportunity to present at Adobe Summit 2015. It was our third consecutive year presenting and our first as a Platinum Sponsor. This year’s presentation focused on the role Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions can play in the health care industry. The topic of our presentation was “Healing through Science, Compassion, and a Patient-Centric Website,” and Aditya Bhasin, Vice President of Software for Stanford Health Care, joined us on stage to help lead the discussion.

We set out with the goal to meet Stanford Health Care’s mission statement of “healing humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time,” and recognized that the patient experience is central to Stanford Health Care’s Web presence. Our Adobe Summit presentation focuses on how Axis41 streamlined the publishing process while building a patient-centric website and experience to help guide patients through the complexities of the medical system.

The presentation explores the immense volume of content and processes a tech leader like Stanford University faces, and how the implementation of Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions into Stanford Health Care’s platform simplified and streamlined over 60k inconsistent Web pages into a patient-centric site channeled through a robust search function and the need for continual site adaptability to keep pace with Stanford’s cutting-edge technology.

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Watch the full Adobe Summit 2015 presentation below.