Integrating SiteCatalyst and Adobe CQ


Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager, Web Marketing

There seems to be some speculation on why Adobe SiteCatalyst should be your choice when integrating with Adobe CQ*. Why not just use Google Analytics? Although the Google service is free, user friendly and seemingly data-rich, the depth, customization and breadth pale in comparison to Adobe solutions. SiteCatalyst seamlessly integrates with your content management system, eliminating the potential problem of too many moving parts. Any company that is using Adobe CQ is equipped for, and should be using, Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Designed specifically for ecommerce sites, content-heavy sites and enterprise clients, SiteCatalyst does everything Google Analytics will do for you, but faster and more efficiently, while providing customization specific to your company. It offers insights into how people are using your website. You gain the ability to see how consumers are browsing, where your traffic comes from and where they drop off.

The customization offered by SiteCatalyst allows you to drill into a depth that you cannot get with any competitor’s product. You can enable Adobe Test&Target, as well as set up specific variables that identify what sites consumers come from and what sites they go to from your page.

Some problems that companies run into with SiteCatalyst is how dense it can be. Google Analytics is easy enough that most people can figure out, but with SiteCatalyst you need someone else to run, configure and establish it. Because of its complex properties and variables, you need a development house to manage its implementation, which is both an advantage and disadvantage.

Despite these minor setbacks, SiteCatalyst still proves to be the most comprehensive, customizable option available. For more information about implementing it in your own websites, contact us here.

*Adobe CQ is now known as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Adobe rebranded CQ as AEM due to a major update that included significant changes in its digital asset management features. AEM is an upgrade release based on the CQ code, and still includes the CQ feature pack and service pack releases. Axis41 is an Adobe Business Level Partner and offers implementations and support for both Adobe CQ and AEM.