Harmonizing Your Sites with Adobe’s CQ5 Multi Site Manager

Topics: Adobe CQ, Multi Site Manager (MSM)

Maintaining your company’s website is no easy task — but it gets even more complicated when you have multiple sites, or throw more than one language into the mix. Adobe’s CQ5 (now known as Adobe Experience Manager*) Multi Site Manager (MSM) is a more efficient way to manage your sites, saving time while simplifying your administrative process.

The Adobe CQ5 Multi Site Manager turns a tedious, manual process into an automated functionality that ultimately maximizes consistency throughout multiple sites. It fulfills this through the ability to define relations among sites and set the degree to which re-use or control is exerted.

The convenience of the CQ5 MSM is based around a source site, which is used for automatic updating of one or more of your sites.


  • Easily find the differences among your sites and focus on what stands out.

  • Avoid duplicate content.

  • Create a consistent, fluid look among sites with a common base structure.

  • Take control of your content down to minor details with ease.

When to Use Adobe’s CQ5 Multi Site Manager (MSM)

  • Multinational Site

  • Multilingual Site

  • Combination Site (Multinational and Multilingual)

  • Multi-departmental Site

  • Any system of interlinked sites that lacks consistency in shared content


  • Language translation manager.

  • Create Live Copy sites based on a Blueprint site. The Blueprint serves as a definitive structural plan for all other sites.

  • Define rollout configurations for comprehensive, painless synchronization.

  • Blueprint Control Center to manage your Blueprint and all of its Live Copies.

  • Jobs Console for scheduling background rollouts during times convenient for you—for example, overnight when your server is less likely to be under heavy load.

Rather than micromanaging several websites at once, your responsibilities as a content manager are simplified into essentially one website’s back end. MSM makes a global Web presence possible for your business without the mess of keeping track of content through a multitude of content management systems. MSM offers one system—and one solution—for as many sites as you need.

Axis41 can provide clients with Adobe CQ5 implementations that feature all the benefits of the Multi Site Manager. Whether you need ultimate control of your Web content or just need to keep your array of sites in good order, we have the resources to guide you through a smooth CQ5 implementation.

Contact our Adobe CQ team to learn more about our CQ5 implementation options, MSM and how we can help you upgrade your company’s website.

*Adobe CQ is now known as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Adobe rebranded CQ as AEM due to a major update that included significant changes in its digital asset management features. AEM is an upgrade release based on the CQ code, and still includes the CQ feature pack and service pack releases. Axis41 is an Adobe Business Level Partner and offers implementations and support for both Adobe CQ and AEM.