Content Management Systems and Brand Execution: a Delicious Combination

Topics: Adobe CQ, Brand Strategy, Branding, Content Management Systems (CMS), Limelight

Like chocolate and peanut butter, cops and doughnuts and Tony Orlando and Dawn, there seems to be a mysterious yet universal truth that some things just work better together than apart.

Certain things that seem initially incompatible, come together to create something delicious (by the way, I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I’m eating one now), or beautiful harmony or tremendous productivity.  This principle has been nowhere more prevalent over the past few years than in the fields of marketing and information technology.

Our digital marketing agency, Axis41, was founded on the idea that technology is the “axis” around which marketing revolves. While this was a new and unique point of view for our business 12 years ago, it has become an accepted perspective on marketing.  Today, considering the technology first is elemental to the way a global brand is executed.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of Fortune 500 CMOs and CIOs saying to each other “Hey, you got your technology in my marketing!” — “No, you got your marketing in my technology!” Either way, considering technology and marketing together is now a strategic business necessity rather than a point of marketing execution or another IT initiative.

An excellent case in point is the convergence of content management systems (CMS) with the essential need for consistent online brand execution.  Traditionally, Marketing let the software integrators handle the CMS implementation under the direction of IT and kept the brand content loading and analysis to themselves.  As any marketer who has lived through the past 5-8 years can tell you, this approach has always proven clumsy at best, with marketers pestering IT for development assistance to make rapid changes and updates, and IT burdened with yet another software system they need to integrate and manage.  Both sides have been left feeling dissatisfied with the outcomes.

The disparate nature of IT and Marketing creates inefficiencies in the content marketing system. It’s difficult to find a software integrator who understands brand positioning or lifetime customer value, or a marketing manager who knows the difference between the CMA and the CDA in your ECM. And the goal isn’t to cross-train every member of your team.  However, we do need teams of IT and marketing individuals who work together under the same roof, understand their common goal, and know how to work together to achieve marketing and technology nirvana:  converting prospects into customers.

It is time to bring CMS integration and brand execution together in a confectionary masterpiece of Reeseian proportions.  In today’s world of content marketing, the inter-relationship between the two has never been more critical to business success.  At Axis41, we’ve been building this “under one roof” skill set since we started.  Here we have developers with a deep understanding of CMS integration for platforms like Adobe CQ, Sitecore,  Limelight and numerous open source solutions, designers who understand how to design to the capabilities of CMS systems, and marketing strategists who know how to maximize the technology and design to get results. It’s the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

We are fortunate to work with global brands like Adobe, Ciena and 1800-Contacts who understand the relationship between IT and marketing.  They have to be done together to be done effectively.  The results, and the taste, speaks for itself!