Content Management Solutions Catered to Clients: Helping companies choose the CMS that best meets their business needs

Topics: Adobe CQ, Content Management Systems (CMS), Limelight

The Web content management system you choose can make or break your site. Depending on how and who you want to be able to update your content, there is a specific CMS best suited for your company.

Choosing the CMS that’s right for you should be a solution for your business—it has to become a part of your organization’s workflow in order to be successful. Therefore, make sure to consider whether the CMS you’re looking at has critical features you need, such as customization, requirements and scalability options.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (formerly CQ5) is highly polished and one of the more well-executed content management systems, with an easy-to-use platform that performs fluidly in conjunction with the cloud. Its main appeal lies in its lack of separation between the Marketing User Interface and the Front-End User Interface. Users can visibly edit content in the front end, in real time, and see results immediately. Drag-and-drop functionality makes organizing content simple and quick. Digital marketers can use Adobe Experience Manager from the planning stage through design and launch to optimize their marketing campaigns and create an immersive experience for their customers.

The robust AEM platform is extremely powerful because of its native integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud. When the cloud meets the user-friendly interface, the system has few limits. Because the Marketing User Interface doesn’t look like a foreign country when compared with the Front-End User Interface, it has a “what you see is what you get” semblance, allowing more users to access the site and manipulate it in a successful manner.

Although Adobe Experience Manager has a strikingly rich out-of-the-box feature set, at its core it is technically architected to be augmented and customized to integrate well with other systems, as well as optimized to meet specific business needs. Axis41 has had more than 20 successful CQ5 implementations, including several for Adobe’s own sites.

Limelight Networks

Limelight, on the other hand, uses its Dynamic Site Platform (DSP) to control all of your websites. The tool integrates seamlessly with its video platform so you can stay in command of your media within the same system. The cloud-based Web CMS makes it simple for users to multitask with dynamic publishing, content and resources. Axis41 provides CMS solutions through Limelight for several clients, including telecommunications supplier Ciena and industrial adhesive manufacturer H.B. Fuller.


Sitecore is known for its easy integration with ROI-boosting technologies such as Google Analytics and SharePoint. The CMS is centered around boosting productivity and the marketing success of your company while leveraging all the power of Microsoft’s .NET framework—providing 100 percent compatibility and close integration with Microsoft tools and solutions.


WordPress has a user-friendly interface, variety of plugins and an easy-to-master back end. It’s a common misconception that WordPress is a CMS only lucrative for blogs—the program is veritably powerful and capable of handling most specialized content.

Selecting a CMS for your company is an investment and a commitment. Axis41 provides options to fit the needs of clients of all types, from immense, customer-facing enterprises to start-ups.