Boost Content Optimization Results by Integrating Adobe CQ with Test&Target

Adobe CQ + Adobe Target

Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe CQ* makes it easy for you to manage, create and deliver your custom Web content. But optimizing that content to be more relevant to your customers can still be a challenge without the right tools.

With Adobe CQ’s seamless integration with Adobe Test&Target (now Adobe Target), you can take direct control of your content to design online tests, automate the targeting of your content and easily create behavioral audience segments—making content optimization more efficient and more effective.

Learn how to get Test&Target set up on your Adobe CQ website in our AEM Podcast post, Adobe CQ5 Integration with Test&Target (now Adobe Target).

AEM Implementation Expert Ken Woodward walks through setting up your Adobe Target configuration in AEM Cloud Services and getting you started using mboxes.

Read the AEM Podcast blog here, or contact our Adobe CQ team to learn more about our CQ5 implementation options and integration with Adobe Test&Target.

*Adobe CQ is now known as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Adobe rebranded CQ as AEM due to a major update that included significant changes in its digital asset management features. AEM is an upgrade release based on the CQ code, and still includes the CQ feature pack and service pack releases. Axis41 is an Adobe Business Level Partner and offers implementations and support for both Adobe CQ and AEM.