Behind the Adobe Summit 2014 Art & Science Booth Idea

Art - AEM - science

Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager, Design Best Practices

When coming up with our booth’s concept for this year’s Adobe Summit, we knew we wanted something that stood out—something that was different. We loved the idea of representing how Art & Science work together. The concept for the idea started in a brainstorming session from the drawing of two circles that overlapped, with Art and Science on opposite sides and AEM in the middle. We took that initial concept further and found inspiration in nature—where the tree idea was born.

We played up the contrast between the two parts; we picked bright and vibrant colors for the artistic side and a blue print with intersecting lines and code for the science portion.


The chalkboard idea came from one of our Partners, Ron Pynes. Once we had the concept and the method of execution, we found the artist and the right chalkboard. The artist spent 24 hours over the course of 3 days creating the image. When it was complete we brought in a photographer to take pictures, which were later put together in a consistent manner that could be segmented across the panels for our booth.

Throughout the duration of the project, we setup a time-elapsed camera that took pictures of the artist’s work every 10 seconds to capture the process and progress—which we later turned into this amazing video.

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