Axis41’s Favorite New Features of AEM 6.0

New features of AEM 6.0

Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager

The release of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.0 has been highly anticipated at Axis41 since it was announced at this year’s Adobe Summit 2014 in Salt Lake City. The new version features a touch-enabled interface for use on mobile devices, robust analytic dashboards, and improved architecture—streamlining collaboration and the content management process for both marketers and developers. As an Adobe Business-level Partner, we’ve been incorporating AEM into our clients’ websites since its inception. We’re currently beta testing 6.0 and finding powerful new features we’re really excited about.

Three High Impact Solutions

 1. Code Templates

Sightlya new HTML5-compliant templating system, is incorporated into AEM 6.0. The addition of this templating language will save valuable time for our development team by unifying processes and eliminating ad hoc solutions. Sightly turns written code into prebuilt reusable tags, eliminating the need to re-create frequently used elements like navigation, freeing our developers to concentrate on other projects. Also, the automatic security feature removes unnecessary data entry when several developers touch a project, which previously exposed systems to possible XSS security breaches.

2. Enhanced DAM

Our enterprise clients have a wealth of assets, which can be challenging to manage without a well-designed tool. AEM 6.0 has made changes to the digital asset manager (DAM) that will assist in the organization of large data sets and other assets for easy accessibility and maintenance. Our developers can customize the DAM to simplify collaboration among expansive teams, making authoring faster and easier. The updated translation feature includes over 100 languages, allowing for easy creation of multiple copied sites for our clients with global customers. Integration of Adobe Scene7 gives authors the ability to make dynamic changes to content right from the DAM interface, facilitating immediate creation of responsive product spin sets, zooms and color changes, as well as simple addition of video content

3. Architecture

AEM’s substantial architecture changes make the development process easier and the author experience better. Instead of the proprietary black box software of 5.6.1, the new version uses best-in-class Mongo DB to provide robust database distribution, Jetty HTTP Web server for faster delivery, and Solr to make searching more productive among client-owned websites. For authors this means faster delivery regardless of content volume, and greater efficiency of website functionality. Also, since our developers have a broader knowledge of the new technology stack, less labor is required, effectively providing our clients with better software solutions at a lower price.

More Exciting New Features

Health Check

A new developer mode allows for immediate, precursory checks of site rendering, so our developers can save time addressing issues before sending projects to the QA department. A simplified color-coded dashboard works to quickly identify issues, including possible problems with the server. Right from the interface, developers can make quick changes to component script syntax.

Aggregate Analytics

With 6.0, authors will no longer have to exit the interface to query independent websites for SEO data. AEM now includes an analytics and recommendations dashboard, which will integrate our clients’ current choice of third-party data, display real-time content performance and provide suggestions to maximize searchability and ratings. From the interface, project managers can use the timeline graph to assess the efficacy of changes and create tasks for authors based on performance data.

Socially Smarter

From the AEM interface, our clients can now track social mentions and converse with customers who have posted questions or reviewed their products or services on any site around the Web. For our clients with an international presence, a translation option will render content into their preferred language to allow review and appropriate response to their customers.

The Benefits of AEM 6.0

For Axis41, the new version of Adobe Experience Manager brings new technologies that will streamline our developers’ processes, reducing complications and allowing for greater efficiency of website functionality—ultimately saving our clients’ time and money. The improved features and integrated solutions of 6.0 will greatly enhance the authorship experience, ensuring accessibility and future ease of maintenance for our clients’ marketing teams.

To update your existing AEM to version 6.0, or for more information on how to incorporate the AEM platform into your enterprise website, contact us here.