Axis41 Presents at Adobe Summit 2014

Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager

We had the opportunity to speak at this year’s Adobe Summit and presented on one of the Adobe Marketing Cloud products. We decided to focus our presentation on the implementation of the Adobe Experience Manager platform. We also had Mark Trenchard, the Director of Web Services from the Stanford University School of Medicine, join us on stage to guide the discussion.

The main focus of our presentation was on what organizations should consider in order to have a successful implementation. And we believe that taking the author’s experience into account is central to this success. Authors are the heart of an organization because they’re responsible for delivering content to the people that need it most—customers.

An organization can save countless time and money by making it easier for authors to focus on their audience rather than the tools of a CMS. And in the presentation, we talked about four ways to simplify the process: An Authoring Advocate that can speak for all authors, Author Demos that give early visibility to the authoring tools, In-Context Helps that offer instruction about how to do things, and Enhanced Templating that give authors a leg up on the authoring process.

Check out the full presentation below and visit our podcast blog for more AEM customized walk-throughs.