Axis41 Hosts Local Developers Meet & Greet with Adobe’s David Nuescheler

Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager, Content Management Systems (CMS), Web Design, Web Development

“Just in case anyone forgot, AEM rocks,” was the sentiment expressed by Sumit Parashar, Technical Architect at Adobe Systems, during the kickoff presentation of the first ever Meetup for the Utah AEM/CQ/CQ5 Developer Community Wednesday evening.

Axis41 was excited to host the inaugural event, where local developers gathered for an informal round table discussion with special guest David Nuescheler, VP of enterprise technology at Adobe Systems, and creator of the basic concept for Communiqué, which has evolved to become Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Nuescheler kicked off the conversation with a historical overview of the web content management system, providing insight into the evolution of AEM—from its inception at the small multimedia company Bidule in 1998, through several CQ iterations at Day Software, to its current version as an integral part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

As he explained how decisions were made regarding changes made to the CQ architecture over the years, he lightheartedly welcomed developers to “ask questions or throw stones.”

For several years, Nuescheler said, most of the changes were focused on getting the infrastructure and architecture right. It wasn’t until Adobe acquired Day Software in 2010 that major changes to the UX were made. The AEM 5.6 interface received a major branding make over, while design moved away from desktop metaphors (hover, drag and drop), towards a touch-first authoring experience—although, he said, this shift will take years to fully realize. And in version 6.0, the content repository was cleaned up, resulting in a faster, more enjoyable user experience.

Nuescheler talked about his personal favorite features in 6.0, including the content application, as well as Sightly, the simplified templating language, of which he said, “Takes the pain of JSP and Java developing out of programming.”

Before the event, Nuescheler joined Axis41’s Joey Smith and Peter Nash for a podcast interview, where he was asked what he would change if he had the chance to do it all over again. He also talked about where he would like to take the developer experience in future versions of AEM.

The Utah AEM/CQ/CQ5 Developer Community, organized by Axis41 and sponsored by Adobe, was created for local developers to share AEM knowledge, insights and best practices, as several Utah companies have begun to adopt the AEM platform. Developers from all over the world—in New York, San Francisco, London and Stockholm— have found AEM Meetups to be a valuable resource for sharing information and strengthening community relationships.

Future plans for the Utah Meetup group include case study presentations, product launches and demonstrations, as well as AEM developer tips and tricks and trend discussions. And because of their close proximity to Salt Lake, Adobe developers will sometimes be on-hand to offer AEM expertise.

Don’t miss the next Meetup on September 10 at 6:30 p.m., when Sumit Parashar will return to talk about the new features of AEM 6.0, and our own Axis41 developers will share their experience implementing the CMS platform to, Adobe’s thought leadership website.

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