Axis41 Builds a Portal to Help Adobe Manage Its Digital Marketing Sales

Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager, Content Management Systems (CMS)

Over the past decade, as companies of all sizes throughout the world have raced to establish their presence in the ever-expanding internet market, Adobe, a world leader in digital marketing and digital media, has experienced exponential growth. To cater to a diverse and extensive client pool, the Adobe marketing team developed a database of sales collateral resources such as presentations, demos, infographics, pricing information, products, success stories, answers to FAQs, and so on.

These tools helped Adobe reach potential clients and cater presentations and pitches to companies with diverse needs—but by 2010, Adobe had amassed more than 2,500 resources in its sales collateral database. It faced two problems: First, the sheer size of the database made it difficult for sales personnel to find appropriate resources, and second, the marketing team needed a way to manage, revise, and update the database.

Axis41 developers used Adobe Experience Manager (formerly called Adobe CQ5) to create the Sales Portal, a single system with built-in features that help sales personnel easily access resources, while allowing the marketing team to build, organize, and adapt their sales collateral database. The following features make the Sales Portal a success:

Organizing Resources Into Categories

The portal organizes the information into searchable categories: solutions, industry, field training, competitive intelligence, digital index, and news and events. These categories allow sales personnel to find the resources they need to make impressive, personalized, and effective sales pitches in a variety of situations, from a single client through email to a presentation at a large conference.

Search Capabilities

Beyond categories, the portal allows sales personnel to do a search of the entire resource database using tags and keywords, or to filter by attributes such as audience, industry, resource type, product, solution, language, document format, region, service, or event.

Tagging and Following Capabilities

Sales personnel can opt to receive updates on any new resources, trends, or analyses with the “My Resources” feature. While searching the database, a salesperson can mark a resource or category to follow. A link is then automatically created in their personalized “My Resources” tab. When the marketing team uploads new information to the portal, it will automatically be linked to any salesperson who is following that category.

Tools for Management and Adaptability

The Sales Portal is an invaluable resource for sales personnel because it is easy to use and personalize, but Axis41 also designed the portal to be user friendly for the marketing team that is developing and managing the resources. When a member of the marketing team has a resource they want to share with sales personnel, say a PowerPoint presentation, they can easily upload the resource, tag it so it can be quickly found, or email it directly to a specific salesperson. Marketing team members can help improve the resource pool by contacting the original author with comments, requests, or follow-up questions.

Today, Adobe’s marketing team can channel appropriate resources directly to the sales personnel who need them. The sales personnel are then empowered with the specific tools they need for any situation. Ultimately, this translates to a more effective sales team and, consequently, more sales.

All growing companies inevitably amass sales collateral, but those such as Adobe, which can maintain flexible control over its sales collateral, will have a distinct advantage in both the speed they can react to opening markets and the effectiveness of their sales teams. To see a demo or receive more information on creating a Sales Portal for your company, or to get information on Axis41’s other services, visit our website or contact us at