Adobe Thought Leadership Site Showcases Adobe Experience Manager (Formerly CQ)

Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager, Content Management Systems (CMS), Conversion Rate Optimization

More than ever before, marketing budgets are increasingly spent on digital campaigns as opposed to the more traditional media outlets. In reference to recent Gartner projections, CEO Marc Benioff stated, “The CMO is expected to spend more on technology than the CIO by 2017” (Make Way for the CMO, Erika Morphy). As such trends emerge, Adobe leads an effort to support CMOs with their thought leadership site, a one-stop shop for digital marketing insight.

The three-year old site was originally developed on the Drupal platform. As grew, Drupal became inadequate for the dynamic content delivery needed to effectively engage the CMO audience. It became increasingly unstable as the complexity and customizations increased as a result of trying to provide CMOs with their unique content consumption requirements.

In response to this need, Adobe and Axis41 partnered to re-define and optimize content delivery architecture to meet the demands and high standards of the CMO audience. This process included the implementation of a new platform, Adobe Experience Manager (formerly Adobe CQ), which brings new capabilities and features to the website.

Axis41 worked with the team to ensure the new site was focusing on providing readers with easier access to the original exclusive content. This helped to create a more social atmosphere by providing running streams of Facebook and Twitter activity, showing what articles and topics are trending on the site, and using Adobe technology to offer more precise and useful “recommended for you” articles.