Adobe Experience Manager 5.6: Revolutionizing the User Experience

Topics: Adobe CQ, Adobe Experience Manager, Content Management Systems (CMS)

In February, Adobe released the new Adobe Experience Manager 5.6 (AEM 5.6)—an upgrade to the CQ 5.5 Web content management system. AEM 5.6 includes more than 295 new features and 1,515 enhancements to improve usability for all authors, administrators, and developers.

Enhanced Functionality

Some of the most significant improvements provide higher integration with social media, a new user interface and tightly integrated Adobe Marketing and Creative Cloud functionality. New AEM 5.6 features are catered to touch-based design compatibility, allowing users to author on touch devices in an interface that adapts to either mouse or touchscreen, on both mobile and desktop devices.

Key Customer Fixes

Adobe has begun using a development model that focuses largely on customers contributing to all stages of the development process such as specification, development, and testing. These processes and procedures enable collection and tracking of customer focused bug solution and enhancement request development. That way, the issues that arise from customers that normally would go unnoticed and untreated are identified and solved. It also includes all Adobe CQ 5.5 feature pack, hot fix, and service pack releases.

Product Stabilization

Customers will enjoy AEM 5.6’s Web content management system because of its continued stabilization. Authors, administrators, and developers now have a better experience and increased productivity, as well as more reliability and greater performance levels. AEM 5.6 introduces features like a new Media Publisher add-on, a new eCommerce add-on, extended Social Communities, extended Integration with Marketing and Creative Cloud, and the kick-off of a launch and search tab in your site administration. All of these features have been designed and implemented to make your life easier.

Axis41 offers upgrades for both CQ 5.4 and CQ 5.5. Our AEM experts have already completed several AEM 5.6 upgrades for internal-facing Adobe sites, with zero downtime for users and only a 48-hour content freeze for Adobe authors. Our workflow processes allow us to complete the switchover with speed and ease, meaning you won’t have to worry about foreseeing outages that might affect your users.

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