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With over two decades of experience and 495 supported offices, Pacific Dental Services has become a widely-recognized brand within their industry. But to encourage the individuality of each supported dental practice, they needed a way to personalize the online experience while maintaining a unified brand framework.

495 sites in 100 days on 1 platform. 495 sites in 100 days on 1 platform.
Stylish interior.

Transforming the experience from duplicated to distinctive.

Starting with an in-depth UX process, we identified opportunities to improve user flow and created design packages that made it easy for individual supported dental practices to customize their websites through color, type, and imagery. Now multiple offices within the same market could have a unique look and feel—all while staying true to the corporate brand.

Stylish interior.

Best of both worlds — consistency and control.

Using Adobe Experience Manager, we developed a solution that enabled Pacific Dental Services to build and manage 495 independent-domain website properties under one platform. Now individual sites are brand consistent while still allowing supported dentists the freedom to differentiate their practices through effortless personalization.

Live. Laugh. Smile.

Given our unique business model and overall needs, we were thrilled to partner with Axis41 after an exhaustive selection process. The team leveraged their CMS implementation expertise and Adobe Marketing Cloud capabilities to help us extend our vision and to help supported offices evolve—all within a 100-day window.

Matt Hall
Vice President of Marketing, Pacific Dental Services
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