How do you build a more profitable relationship with your customers?
You create a more intuitive user experience.

Adobe ATS Website

The Challenge

Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions, delivering tools and services that let customers produce, distribute and monetize multi-channel digital content.

Adobe Training Services is the leading provider of training and certification on Adobe products to customers and partners. Due to rapid expansion, Adobe found itself managing a large number of product training websites. The need arose to centralize these multiple destinations and develop an intuitive, integrated user experience.

  • 01

    Drive significant revenue for Adobe Professional Services

  • 02

    Create a central source of information on learning and certification options

  • 03

    Build a unified destination for outbound marketing efforts and sales

The Solution

We unified the Adobe Training Services content from multiple digital locations into a single point of access.
We also up-leveled and separated ATS services from other free services in order to meet increased revenue goals and retire outdated content. The new, intuitive design and improved usability enables users to quickly find relevant content and register for courses and certifications.
A screenshot of the Adobe Training Services new website, complete with the CMS implementation from Axis41. A screenshot of the training section of the ATS website after implementing Adobe Experience Manager. A screen-captured image of the Adobe Training Services “Find a Partner” section. An image showcasing the courses that are offered on the ATS website.

The Results

By giving customers easier access to learning opportunities, they derive greater value from Adobe’s products and services, resulting in deeper customer relationships.

- Adobe Project Manager