Social Media Marketing

No matter how you approach it, social media is one of the most influential and meaningful ways that consumers connect with brands and services online. Nielsen(1) reports that more than 20 percent of time spent on the computer is devoted to social media—over twice the amount of time spent doing anything else. Add to that the fact that a growing number of consumers are accessing social media from a wide array of devices—mobile, tablet, handheld media device, video game console, Internet-enabled TV, and e-reader—and it becomes clear that any digital marketing campaign must take advantage of social media to become successful.

At Axis41, we are social media evangelists who help our clients realize and fulfill their marketing potential in the most popular interactive spaces on the Web, including (but not limited to):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Our dedicated social media team can help you define and design campaigns that will drive traffic from the channels that matter most to your business objectives. Your comprehensive social media plan will include:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Publishing schedules
  • Content creation
  • Analysis and tracking

(1) Nielsen State of the Media U.S. Consumer Usage Report 2012

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